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Sarah was born in balmy New Orleans, Louisiana and lived much of her youth in the south. She rode and trained horses for 15 years until meeting her husband, who swept her off her feet and still does. Sarah began creating ART in various forms as a toddler. Sarah enjoys her family, coffee and cafes, painting, music, dancing, hiking, writing, journaling, meditating, and playing hide and seek.
Sarah is inspired by many artists, including Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, and Helena Nelson Reed.
"I am a woman, passionate by nature, I am a mama and wife, and a very devoted one at that, I am an artist, a student of life, a reader, a writer, a Taurus, a lover of my galpals, a dancer, a runner,  I am from New Orleans so I love the blues, I love traveling, deer, the ocean blue eyes of my children, butterflies, horses, dogs, cats, good red wine, cafes, fishnets, heels, chunky jewelry, dangly earrings, photography, museums, volunteering my time, helping others, flirting with my husband, organic teas, union with nature, fitness, collage, altered books, expressing myself, academics, music documentaries, biographies, exploring my passions. I am a gatherer of inspiration, a magnet for all things whimsical and a human being who wishes to heal myself and in doing that, help others who are suffering. Inspiration means to inhale the spirit, this defines what I feel the word INSPIRATION means for me."


  • Motherhood
  • Family
  • Exploring the Depths and Possibilities of Marriage
  • Creativity
  • Art
  • Empathy
  • Soul Work
  • fair Trade Coffee
  • Feminism
  • Artists like Chagall
  • K'Keefe
  • Kahlo
  • Klimt
  • Degas
  • Kandinsky
  • Magritte
  • Helena Nelson Reed
  • and Picasso to name a few
  • I also love my husband's play doh sculptures
  • Friendship
  • Love
  • Organic Living
  • Bohemian Culture
  • France
  • Speaking French
  • Cool Socks
  • Music Music Music
  • Healing
  • Reading
  • Pilates
  • Questioning The Staus Quo
  • Psychology
  • Writing
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Nurturing Others and Myself
  • Trauma Healing
  • Compassion
  • Buddha

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I have learned not to worry about love; but to honor its coming with all my heart.
Alice Walker

I want all my senses engaged. Let me absorb the world's variety and uniqueness.

Maya Angelou

"What I strive for is
empowerment, where you
sense your own strength
right through your
whole being"
Marion Woodman